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Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Who knew there was a National Aviation Day?

Not us - that is until we began preparing for this blog! August 19th is set aside to celebrate the wonders of flying. The date was chosen specifically to honor the birth date of Orville Wright on August 19,1871. He along with his brother, Wilbur were aviation pioneers and we are thrilled to honor both today.

The STEM fields and aviation are forever linked through physics, technology, engineering, chemistry and math and we couldn't have chosen a better "holiday" to highlight and celebrate our maiden voyage at STEM Starter. Obviously since Covid-19 has stormed our shores, all of us are trying to discover unique and interesting ways to bust out of the home and go exploring. Of course, those efforts take a nosedive when we arrive to our destination only to discover everything is closed! All of sudden we find ourselves stepping into Clark Griswold's shoes at Wallyworld wondering just how to rectify the situation. So, how about we change things up a bit and rather than going to the museum - we try and bring the museum to you?!

We recently discovered The National Aviation Museum in Pensacola, Florida and it is just what we need to make National Aviation Day complete. The museum might be closed- but its beauty and the aviation education it provides has us looping (not a typo - it's an aerial maneuver) for joy and we can't be grounded! While you may not be able to visit the museum in person - that doesn't mean you can't explore and learn all that it has to offer and celebrate the wonders of aviation throughout history. This is a wonderful opportunity to plan your trip to the museum by visiting their website at:

Learn about Amelia Earhart, Felix Rigau Carrera, Charles Lindbergh, Bessie Coleman, Neil Armstrong, Jeana Yeager and Eugene Jacques Bullard and Olga E. Custodio. Discover these historical figures and their contributions to the STEM fields and the elegance of flying. These men and women carved opportunity in the clouds and taxied through turbulence to offer you a chance to soar and achieve. What better way to honor them than to learn about them?

Live too far away? That's okay, the National Aviation Museum offers a variety of ways to learn more about aviation via a Virtual Tour, History of Aviation and Online Exhibits and Collections. In fact, this is a great time to for everyone to visit their website to learn more about the importance of STEM education in aviation!

God Bless and STEM on!

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