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STEM Fair Tutorial Post #8: And Here We Go...

Do you like cookies?

Perhaps you have a favorite like Chocolate Chip or Snickerdoodles? Have you ever tried to make cookies from scratch? If you have then you probably already know a little bit about the Scientific Method; but if you have not made cookies from scratch – how would you begin the process of learning the recipe?

The Scientific Method is like making cookies that you have never tried before – in short, The Scientific Method is the recipe for researching, testing, and answering a question or solving a problem. And just like food recipes – sometimes they work and sometimes they do not; either way you learn from your failures just as much as you learn from your successes and you should never give up.

Sometimes, the best STEM Fair experiments solve the simplest of problems. In fact, the youngest person to win the Google Science Fair was only 13 years old. What problem did she solve? She created a bandage that changed color indicating to caretakers that the wound dressing needed to be changed. Interesting problem - simple solution.

There are several steps that create the Scientific Method; however, the first step is to identify a problem. So, how do you identify a problem? The answer to that is is in next week's post. However, in the spirit of the Scientific Method and preparing for the next step, we want you to begin brainstorming about problems that you see and think may make for a unique STEM experiment. Just give it a try and see how many problems you identify.

Homework and Materials:


Composition Notebook and Pen


Entry #7: In your composition notebook write down problems that you think you may want to develop into a unique STEM Experiment. This is a brainstorming session - write down whatever comes to mind.

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