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STEM Fair Tutorial #6: Honor in All You Do

Prior to conducting your science fair experiment, make sure to review the Ethical & Integrity Standards set forth by the organization coordinating the science fair. You must understand that you are held to the highest of ethical standards and are expected to adhere to those standards as they are issued by the governing organization. Here are a few guidelines for your review. Keep in mind that these are not to replace the ethical and integrity statements that are provided by the organization hosting the STEM Fair. It is your responsibility to make sure you have reviewed all of the necessary required documentation.

1. Absolutely NO PLAGIARISM!!!

Plagiarism is the equivalent to stealing and when you plagiarize – you are stealing another person’s hard work and effort and misrepresenting it as your own. DO NOT DO THIS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. If you must demonstrate the work of others you must give them credit and cite them appropriately. Perhaps someday someone will utilize your work – would you want them to give you credit for your work? Of course, you would!

2. In all that you do you must be Honest.

Sometimes it is difficult when your expectations do not match the results of your experiment; do not worry about it – this happens all the time and there is still much to learn from your efforts.

3. Everything you do must be Legal.

Rules and Regulations are established for a reason – the protection of you and others. It is unacceptable to violate any law for an experiment.

4. You must be Respectful to those you work with and the data you collect.

5. Always uphold Confidentiality. Anyone who is participating in your experiment expects you to maintain their confidentiality – do not break this trust.

6. Protect People, Animals, and the Environment.

7. You must make a Commitment to safety when using Hazardous materials.

Tonight's Homework & Materials List:


Composition Book


Entry #5 - Write your own honor code for conducting a STEM Fair Experiment.

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