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STEM Fair Tutorial #1 - Don't Dis the List

And here... we... go...

Welcome to the first STEM Fair Tutorial Post. We are very excited to do this and truly hope this format will work - for everyone. We will do our very best to answer questions and responds to comments in timely fashion.

Where do we begin? Well for us at STEM Starter - we begin with a list. We understand that a full blog post for something as simple as a checklist might seem like a waste of time; however, we have a reason. For us at STEM Starter – all great things begin with a list. Why? Because we really enjoy checking items off as we complete them! It is true! By creating a list we can chunk down a project and check off our tasks. Additionally, it helps us feel as though we are moving in the right direction and we feel it is important particularly when you are faced with a huge project like a STEM Experiment.

Please keep in mind that the list you create is a fluid document. What do we mean by that? Well, we feel this checklist is roadmap not a destination. You can change the items on this list and adjust the language as it fits your needs and goals. The big picture is simple – make a list to offer you direction but do not be afraid to adjust it for a course correction.

As this STEM Fair Blog moves forward there a few key items that we want you to be aware of

a. This Blog Tutorial is approximately 30 weeks.

b. We'll add a new “lesson/post” every week until the end of April 2021.

c. We only add new posts on Fridays at 9 a.m.

c. There are 30 Lessons, for now. However, we may add more.

d. Please try & complete the Homework section at the end of every post.

e. Please post questions and we will address as many as we can.

f. When reviewing, please offer constructive criticism and suggestions.

Thank you for joining us on this 30-week blog tutorial! We are excited and nervous and can not wait to see how this progresses!

God Bless and Let the STEM Begin….

A key piece of equipment for any STEM professional who is conducting an experiment is a log book and a pen. The log book (which is discussed in the next post) doesn't have to be fancy - any Marble Composition book will work perfectly. However, you must utilize a pen - not a pencil. We will explain why in the next posting. For now, please make sure to acquire a composition book and a couple of pens. The checklist below is also a timeline. This is to help us as well as you. We want to provide you with a "syllabus" for your review as well as a timeline that holds us to task. For now, take a moment to review the information below and after you obtain the logbook; make sure to rewrite the information provided below in your log book.

The STEM Fair Checklist and Timeline:

1. 8/21/20 Create a Checklist

1a. 8/21/20 Captain's Log 8.21.2020

2. 8/28/20 Recruit an Adult Mentor

3. 9/04/20 Develop a Timeline

4. 9/18/20 Review STEM Fair Documents

a. 9/25/20 Safety

b. 10/02/20 Ethics and Integrity

c. 10/09/20 STEM Fair Judging Rubric

5. 10/16/20 Employ the Scientific Method

a. 10/23/20 Identify a Problem

b. 11/06/20 Conduct Research

c. 11/13/20 Pose a Question

d. 11/20/20 Form a Hypothesis

e. 12/04/20 Independent and Dependent Variables

f. 12/11/20 Quantitative / Qualitative Variables

g. 12/18/20 Choosing how to collect data.

h. 01/08/21 Revisiting your timeline.

i. 01/15/21 Create an Experiment

-01/22/21 Choosing your Materials

-01/29/21 Developing your Procedures

-02/05/21 Conducting an Experiment

-02/12/21 Recording Data

-02/19/21 Analyzing data

-02/26/21 Forming a Conclusion.

6. 03/05/21 Write a Research Paper / Final Report

a. 03/12/21 Creating a Bibliography

7. 03/19/21 Write Your Abstract

8. 03/26/21 Display Board and / or Online Presentation

9. 04/02/21 Presenting and Defending your Research

10. 04/09/21 Science Fair Judging

11. 04/16/21 Conduct a Review

12. 04/23/21 What now?

Tonight's Homework & Materials List:

Materials to acquire:

- Composition / Marble Notebook

- Pens; Pencils; Erasers

- Calendar


- On the cover of your Marble composition notebook write:

Your Name and STEM Fair Experiment Project.

- Number the pages in your log book in the top right hand corner of each page.

- Page 1 is your Table of Contents: Rewrite the Checklist above.

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