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Patriot Day - In Memory

Today we take a break from learning in order to remember and say a prayer for all the lives lost and all the lives impacted by the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

We were reminded today that:

Faith, Hope and Love always wins.

At times it is nearly impossible to bear witness to "the good" while walking in the fog of fear and the quicksand of uncertainty. However, we do know this - our fellow Americans are the most giving, compassionate and resilient people in the world and we are better because of them.

We know Faith...

- Through the efforts of Police Officers and Firefighters racing to save just one more life at risk of losing their own.

- Through valiant citizens on United 93 thwarting one more disaster to protect the lives of people they will never meet.

- Medical personnel working tirelessly to return one more life home to love ones.

We know Hope...

- By observing rescue workers bleeding with exhaustion to recover the soft, faceless buried cry of an American;

- Through united communities donating to recovery efforts and organizations sacrificing time and goods all while raising millions to offer relief to complete strangers.

And finally, we know Love...

- By our daily determination to support those who lost more than everything; sacrificed beyond measure and are eternally standing on the edge of trying to understand why - all while searching for the grace and strength to forgive the unforgivable.

The enormous impact these tragedies had on the STEM communities can never be fully measured. But we will light a candle today in the memory and honor of our beloved Police, Firefighter, Defense, Paramedic / EMT, Public Works, and Aviation communities. Everyday these magnificent people used their talents, that are rooted in the STEM fields, to support, protect and rescue us from disasters and we are eternally thankful for their dedication to us, our communities, their fellow man and the survival of our nation.

God Bless You. God Bless America.

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