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Navigation Post / Columbus Day

In recent years Columbus Day has come under scrutiny for a variety of reasons and, while we find the conversation interesting, here at STEM Starter we have to leave that discussion for other

s to have and focus on the STEM of this day and that STEM is Navigation.

For those of us at STEM Starter, Navigation is a subject that easily cuts across the STEM fields and unites them all in the same moment. The Science of navigation is easily seen in subjects such as geography, geology, cartography, and topology while the Technology of navigating is certainly an area that proves to have made the most advances. From sextants to maps and Sonar with Global Positioning Systems (GPS) the current technology of navigating leaves no frontier to find except one – space. Through the addition of advanced Engineering we are capable of navigation to any destination with minimal effort while the math of angle navigation between the horizon and a celestial object is done instantaneously. With one click, navigation demonstrates that it’s an area where one can easily witness the beauty of the STEM fields working simultaneously towards one goal – making sure we don’t lose our way. In the end, we think that is something all of us can celebrate.

P.S. If you would like to do a little more exploring: Go to the Information and Resource section of STEM Starter and the Free Resources and Download section. There you will find our new book:

STEM Starter: Charting a New Course 52 Experiments for the Home and Classroom. There you will find the Mariner's Multi-tool Experiment and how to build your very own astrolabe.

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