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Spring into STEM
Seasonal Experiments are available!

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52 Experiments for the Home & Classroom


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STEM Words
of the




the observation and study of the planet Mars.  In honor of the Month of March which is named after the roman god of war – mars.

For more information regarding the study of Mars,

click the student below.




One billionth of a Meter.  Additional words you may heard of that are related to the word nanometer include: Nanotechnology and Nano. 

To learn more about nanotechnology, click the student below.



the arrangement, proportioning, and design of windows and doors in a building; an opening in a surface (such as a wall or membrane); the operation of cutting an opening in the bony labyrinth between the inner ear and tympanum to replace natural fenestrae that are not functional

To learn more about Fenestration, click the student icon below.


Transcendental Number

Is an Irrational Number that cannot be written as a simple fraction. For example: Pi (π) and Euler’s Number (e) are Transcendental Numbers


To learn more about this unique type of number, click the student below.


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