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STEM Words
for June



Coral Farming

A restoration method that raises coral fragments and then outplants them to a degraded area of a coral reef. The corals are typically monitored after outplanting. Also referred to as coral gardening.


For more information about an Coral Farming click the student below.


Geographic Information System

A tool used by scientists and other experts to display and analyze a large data set that is linked to a latitude and longitude.


To learn more about GIS, click the student below.



Global Ocean Conveyor Belt

Large-scale ocean circulation that is driven by salinity and temperature. It is formally referred to as thermohaline circulation.


To learn more about Global Ocean Conveyor Belts, click the student icon below.




A polyhedron having for its base a polygon and for faces triangles with a common vertex.



To learn more about Pyramids as it relates to math, click the student below.


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